Lady Savages Softball

Coach Michael Barnes

Educational History:

Bachelor’s Degree in Cartography from East Central University in 2011.

Degrees and Certifications:

Advanced Mathematics, World History, US History

Lady Savages post impressive win vs CCS


Blakely Rozzell made a great play charging a bunt and throwing out the runner at first.


The Lady Savages were aggressive on the bases and weren't afraid to get dirty to avoid a pickoff.


Another Lady savage crosses the plate in the Wynnewood 6-5 victory over CCS.


Coaches McCarty made sure his players were ready to take advantage of every opportunity to round the bases.


The Lady Savages take a minute to celebrate a hard-fought win in a tight game this evening on their homefield.


Nicole Deslaurier gets ready to score from 3rd base.

Lady Savages Video Gallery

new scoreboard for lady savages

Another great improvement for our Lady Savages